26 Letter Pick-Up

Growing up with 2 older brothers, I had my fair share of being the target of jokes and tricks.  One particular game that my brothers liked to play with me was 52 card pick up.  If you never had the pleasure of playing that game it basically is played by spraying a deck of cards all over the floor and having the other player pick them up.  It is not a fun 2 player game…it is only fun for the person who gets to throw the cards 🙂

My daughter has kept this game going as she spreads her various toys across the floor.  One particular set of items, however, I do not mind being thrown around.  Her set of magnet letters allow me a chance to play “26 letter pick-up”.  I simply tell her the letters as she picks them up.  As she learns the names of the letters, I will begin asking her to name the letter she has or to find a certain letter.  She is currently in speech, so any chance we have to get her to say words is a bonus for us!

This is a great game that can grow with your child’s ability to name the letters, sounds and eventually spelling of a word (for example, pick up the letters that spell cow),

5 thoughts on “26 Letter Pick-Up”

  1. This is a clever idea for learning the alphabet and getting acquainted with the letters. I think hands on activities with our children really help them gain such an understanding of things. I also think they love being on camera and showing their knowledge I love taping my kids fun accomplishments!

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