A Letter To My Students

Dear Small Fry,

      To me, the STAAR is and will be much more than a grade.  It is the process of taking a challenge head on and working through to the end, even when you want to quit. It is the process of doing everything in your power to do what you have been taught, to be proud of your performance, no matter the results. It is getting you ready for your future.

      As you grow up, life will throw you challenges.  There might be a bully that says mean things, or a friend who suddenly doesn’t want to be your friend and you won’t understand why.  THere might be challenges in your family that are out of your control.

      There will be subjects that you will not like, teachers that you will disagree with and assignments that will seem impossible.  But remember….you are a fighter. You are strong and courageous with the tools to take on anything!

      So as you sit and receive that test from me…know that I am proud of you, because you are you!  Know that you can do anything you want to do…it just takes some practice.


Your teacher,

Mrs. Freitag

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